Ancient Egyptian Lives (AEL)

Web Site Updates 2000

  • 1/18/00 - Today many updates management wise for the AEL group. As of Feb. 1, 2000 the old ael list will be closed and everyone as of tommorrow will be moved over to the new list at Also I need to update the copyrights to reflect the new year which I will be doing as I update the pages. Also add the 1999 archive page to the Group Information page (this page).
  • 1/19/00 - On the new AEL eList at, I've started the daily Ancient Egyptian Holiday postings.
  • 1/22/00 - I've just completed a new work of art, I used both 2d/3d to make this new image which I call, "Ancient Egyptian Cityscape".
  • 2/6/00 - Created a new section at AEL. Under Group Events you can now find AEL's Animation Studio. This is the place where 2d characters and stories will come to life and be able to view on your PC. As of right now RealVideo is the planned format, but that may change on final productions. We still need 2d Graphics artist and people for the voices of the characters, if anyone is interested email me, Lord Jon Ray.
  • 2/12/00 - Created yet another new section at the AEL website. Ancient Egyptian Lives now has there own Downloads page, which is located off the Group Events page. This is where public software, wallpapers, themes, etc will be published for both the AEL members and anyone else. So far I've created 1 of soon to be many AEL Windows Wallpapers. Later in the plans is an entire Windows AEL Theme. Still looking for 2d graphics artist for the Animations, until I can find at least one more person that project is on hold.
  • 3/9/00 - I've decided to turn the 2d cartoon style animation into a 3d computer graphics animation instead, mainly because shortly I will also be producing a Ancient Egyptian themed computer game, that will borrow props and sets from the animation for the game's graphics. Also the Animation Studio has be changed to reflect the new 3d project, and I have already begun the 3d character creator process. Will soon be posting pics of the story's actors.
  • 4/9/00 - Its been a month since the last update. Just posting to let everyone know I've started slowly making changes to the website. The AEL Media page now has a nice little menu bar up at the top to help guide you through all the selections. Also this type of layout will soon be seen through out the website, with more animations and interactivity/sounds/multimedia.
  • 4/17/00 - Made a new AEL Windows Wallpaper today, the picture was rendered from one of the cities I plan to use in the Ancient Egyptian 3d animations. You'll find it and the other downloads in the the Downloads section of the Group Events area.
  • 4/19/00 - Made another AEL Windows Wallpaper today, this time the same picture as before except its a shot during the day. It too can be found in Downloads area.
  • 4/24/00 - Have noticed that the frame pages and the graphics page for sure do not work properly in Netscape. You will have to use either Internet Explorer 4 or 5 for those pages if you can not get them to work with Netscape 4.7. Besides that, I added a simple animation in the Studio area with sound! And I've redone the Visions/Graphics area. Hopefully the newer layout will make it easier to view the gallery. Also later to come is an animation area in the Graphics Section.

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