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Web Site Updates 1997

  • 10/25/97 - Please excuss all the Under Contruction, I am currently the only Web Designer for this site and am currently building it right now as you read this. Check back daily to see the new updates as I try and get as much as I can up everyday. Also anyone wanting to help with music, graphics or HTML/JAVA code let me know. Also if you have something that may be of intrest to (AEL). Just email Lord Jon Ray from the email address below on the Main Menu. Thanks..
  • 11/02/97 - I've finally completed the Gods & Goddesses and Ancient Egyptian Relgions page tonight. I'm still looking for any picture you may have of any of the Ancient Egypt gods, listed or not. Also later I plan to add sub-pages for more pictures of some of the gods, which will be accessable by clicking on the picture of the god from the main page. Next project I'm planning for to work on is the Links List, and had some sights and sounds to the Visions page. Maybe by the end of this week I will have all the Under Contruction signs gone. :)

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