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Web Site Updates 1998

  • 1/19/98 - I've just returned from the states and looks like we have a new member! :) That brings us to 5 members, not many but this is still a very fresh website and group, and I know as more and more souls find their place here, the more our membership shall grow. Also I've put in the works to get us an email LIST going titled the AEL-LIST or Ancient Egyptian Lives-LIST. I also added a Web Ring header to the Links section and have open that area up for links about egypt and anything related. Email me any URLs you would like to see listed there. Other than that I should be expanding the website little by little this week.
  • 1/23/98 - Well I finally got the Email LIST setup and going with a few subscribers already. If your in AEL and not yet on the LIST just send an email as explained above and join us on the (AEL) LIST. I'm planning out a huge project that will be the total timeline of Ancient Egypt. I plan to list everything including pictures and side notes on that time and era or event. Anyone wishing to help in this huge project let me know, and I'll give you details.
  • 2/1/98 - Today I finished a recording of some Egyptian style music which I converted to RealAudio format. The name of the song is called, "Egyptian Soul". If your intrested in listening make sure you have RealAudio (A link to get a shareware version is on the music page) and go to the Visions menu from the Main menu. Next click on Music and it you will see it there. Also currently I'm compiling or researching information to start work on the History page. Anyone that can offer help on this is more than welcomed, as it is hard to find information everyone agrees with as being the same.
  • 2/21/98 - I updated and added more pictures in the Gods and Goddess area. Also the Events area now has the full Ancient Egyptian Holiday calendar. More links are slowly being added as I'm currently deep in research for the History and Runes areas. But my creative side is getting restless, so expect to see a few new pics or songs from me in the near future...
  • 2/22/98 - One of the largest updates on the god page since it began. Also added a quick index link to jump to the names you want to see, and totaled up the number of gods & goddess which came to 78! More than any other site I've seen thus far. If you see a god you know more about than the information I have, please email the information and I'll research it and if approved will add it to the page. Also we got a new member today greetings unto Lostris...Also releashed a new song today, in praise of the goddess Hathor. Check the Visions/Music section to listen to it in RealAudio. The just doesn't end, I went on to add a picture I finished today, Eye of Ra, you can view it in the Graphics area, under Visions. Wish someone would contribute some artwork.
  • 2/25/98 - I added a Sun Clock in the Chat Room of AEL. Now you can see the world, and where it is night and day from the ChatRoom.
  • 3/14/98 - Today I added some information for all the parts in the History section. Each now has it's own page with information about that time in Egyptian history.
  • 3/29/98 - Welcome to our new member Basem from Egypt. Also thanks go out to Chrissy, for her Egyptian poem 'WHO IS ASTARA?'. Also earlier this week I added AEL Online Store, if any of the members of AEL wish to sell an item that can be some how related to AEL or metaphysical type of items, or something AEL like people could use, let me know and I can work on placing it forsale in the AEL Online Store. Or if any members already have their own online stores and would like a Banner made or posted in our AEL Stops & Stores area let me know as well. Also non-members who wish to sponser AEL can submit a request to Lord Jon Ray and be added.
  • 3/30/98 - Welcome to another new member AZThARA.
  • 4/6/98 - First greetings to all the new Members been quite a few this month already! Tonight I touched up a picture I had a little of the Ancient Temlpe of Luxor in Theban(Thebes), Egypt. You can find it under the runes area.
  • 4/11/98 - AEL now has the Virtual Temples of Netjer, a place created online for members and worshippers of the Netjer(Includes every known god of Ancient Egypt), come and erect virtual temples unto the god(s) they choose. We are going to need online priest and priestess, to conduct what ever ceremonies or rights you decide for that temple. Theses Online Virtual Temples are actually Sub Webpages of Ancient Egyptian Lives, that list everything having to do with that particular god/goddess. Also in my endless pursuit to make the Main Menu page at AEL smaller and faster to download, I've brought back the older better rez'd picture of Tut, and with a smaller K-size. Also both menus JPGs are smaller than before as well. With no damage or lose to clarity or quality of the images. I've also added a story finally to the Stories from the Past area. Today I'm doing a lot of work on the AEL site so I did a new graphics on the Great Ennead, which can be view around the bottom area of the Gods & Goddess page.
  • 4/14/98 - I've added to the top of the Main page an easy to use, Site Guide, just select the area you wish to go and click the Go! button to the right. I've done this to easy the navigation of the website, as it is expanding more and more every month. As of yet only Main Sub pages have the Site Guide. Also the (AEL) website has won a site award! You can view the award and any others we win at the new (AEL) Awards Page.
  • 4/16/98 - AEL now has a Logo which I've added to the bottom of every page at AEL. Also I went back and reworked ever single page, so that Internet Explore & Netscape browsers should look close to the same now, except IE has more colorful text.
  • 4/23/98 - We are gaining new members every week now, great! Welcome to all newcomers of (AEL) I know not too much activity is going on at the AEL-List, and the Newsletter is only sent out, about once every 2 months. But building this sites, and advertising takes a lot of my time for now, as soon as it is over, I will direct more energy into those other areas. Also would be nice to start having monthly AEL chats in the chatroom, or ever a weekly thing and set up a time and day. As for the site, we got a new reward from Egypta, thanks and it will be added to our AEL Awards page.
  • 5/24/98 - Been a month since my last update but with renewed activity on the Email List, I decided to dedicate tonight to the AEL website. So one of my 1st projects was to add the Dynasties of Ancient Egypt page in the History area.
  • 11/2/98 - Its been over 6 months since the last update other than a few new members in between then and now. Not visable from the website but AEL is under going a major development phase that will hopefully get more people involved with the group and a true source of information available to all members. Also on the Main Menu and Virtual Temples of Netjer page I've added a counter it started as of Nov. 2, 1998 so if close to that date it shouldn't be that large unless more people than I know are viewing the AEL sites, this is one way for me to tell how much activity is going on. I know from all the new members we are getting and the nice emails I get that there is some activity.
  • 12/4/98 - Today I created a new page called Ancient Egyptian Media. Its a place where you should be able to find every and any book, music, or video concerning Egypt, or the Ancient Egyptians, etc. Its late and I haven't the time to finish up all the Go! buttons yet, but they will soon all support the quick jump to AEM, also from the Main Menu, I put up a link icon to reach the new page. Later today I will add some items for sale on the page or information of where to obtain the items there.
  • 12/29/98 - In the past few days I've started working more on the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics page, and made updates to the Stories page. Also I'll be soon working on the Temples of Netjer, with navigatable 3D renderings of the tombs of the Ancient Egyptians.

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