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Web Site Updates 1999

  • 1/1/99 - Happy New Year!!!, and yes on New Years I was working on the AEL. Kind of got some time so thought I'd put it to good use. Did a major update on the Kings Dynasty Page in the History section, Redid most of the page, and added %50 more data.
  • 2/25/99 - I just returned from a trip to the US and had a wonderful time in the Arizona/Nevada area. Stay at the Luxor hotel in the pyramid, visited the Temple of Sekhmet in Catus Springs, NV. I had a rare chance to visit the "Splendors of Ancient Egypt" display a the Phoenix Art Museum as well. Also, a big welcome to all the new members that just joined AEL. There is not much in the way of higher access to the AEL as of right now. But as soon as we get our own server on the Net, everyone will be given speical access to a members only area. Many new updates for the site in store, and well as a new line in AEL software to come online later this year.
  • 3/1/99 - Added the Hieroglyphic Phonetic table to the Egyptian Glyphs page. Also forgot to add in the last update but the AEL website was awarded the Divinity in Action Award from Amorology. Also as I type this I'm currently updating the Virtual Temples of Netjer, 3D graphics temple. I redid the entire temple from the ground up, as the old one I had was not as acurate a temple as this one is, complete with Ancient Egyptian Hieroglphic inscriptions, better textures and design, as well as better lighting. This is taking up most my time right now, but upon it's completion I will be setting up the sub temples in this large 3D one, which will act as a map or starting point to the other pages and websites.
  • 3/14/99 - Have been doing little updates here and there all over the AEL website. Also planning on giving the Main Menu a new facelift. Added a new section to the Archaeology area, its a Worldwide Listing of Museums that have Ancient Egyptian artifacts on display. Besure and email me if you have any not listed to add to the list. Also the Hieroglyphs page now has both Numbers and the alphabet listed. More to come in that area on how to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs.
  • 5/20/99 - I've been here, and I've been slowly updating the AEL website piece by piece, but its been awhile since I updated anything here, so got a little information. I'd like to welcome all the new members to the group with the addition of Dr. Attia, who just so happens to be from Cairo, Egypt is our 100th!!!! member!!!! Interesting how things happen like this. I hope we can become a 100 more strong in the coming years. The plans for the AEL website are going to be chaning next year 2000, when we get our own server and website address. Also passwords will be issued out to all current members at that time. And we will have a members only area. I've been thinking about the AEL Virtual Temple, and although it is not really Virtual Reality, I'm thinking of creating a real Interactive VRML(Virtual Reality World), to navigate and move around in, for the meantime, while I still construction the AEL Virtual Temple. Then once finished I'll just leave the VRML world in place as well as have the AEL Virtual Temple.
  • 6/6/99 - I'm currently in the process of updating and adding to the Egyptian Gods & Goddess page the old number of gods listed was 78, I expect that number to reach well beyond the 100 mark when I'm done updating, lots of new information and gods & goddess. Also I've added an Ancient Egyptian Mathematics page in the History section. It deals with how the Egyptians went about their daily life of mathematics, also this page will be updated with the history of AE Math as well.
  • 6/9/99 - Well I've finished updating the Gods & Goddesses list. Here are the newest additions & updates to the list: Aken, Aker, Amaunet, Am-Heh, Anta(Updated), Andjety, Anti, Apedemak(Updated), Arensnuphis, Ash, Astarte(Updated), Aten(Updated, Pic added), Baal, Baalat, Babi, Ba Neb Tetet(Updated), Ba-Pef, Bastet(Updated), Bat, Benu(Pic added, Bes(Updated), Dedwen, Denwen, Fetket, Gengen Wer, Ha, Hatmehyt, Haurun, Heret-Kau, Heryshaf, Hesat, Hetepes-Sekhus, Ihy, Imhotep(Updated), Ipy, Ishtar, Iusaas, Khepri(Updated, Pic added), Kherty, Maat(Updated), Mafdet, Mahaf, Mandulis, Mehen(Updated), Mehet-Weret, Mertseger(Updated), Meskhenet(Updated), Mihos, Mnevis, Mont(Pic added), Nebethetepet(Pid added), Nehebkau(Updated), Neheh(Updated), Nekehbet(Updated), Neper, Orion, Pakhet, Panebtawy, Pelican, Peteese and Pihor, Qetesh(Updated), Renenutet(Updated), Resheph(Updated), Sekhmet(Updated, New pic), Sebiumeker, Sefkhet-Abwy, Sepa, Serqet(Updated), Set(Updated, New pic), Shait(Updated), Shesmetet, Shezmu, Saa(Updated), Sothis, Souls of Pe and Nekhen, Ta-Bitjet, Tasenetnofret, Tatenen(Updated, Pic added), Tayet, Tefnet(New pic), Thoth(Updated), Wadj Wer, Weneg, Wepwawet(Updated, Pic added), Wosret, Yah, and Yamm. The total of new Gods & Goddesses has reach 133!!!! A lot more than I had expected, as for new Gods & Goddess, I have now more new ones to add. But as time is allowed, I will be updating the information on certain gods with new info. Also the area of Religions & Beliefs has a few more area I need to add new information to, other than that, the Gods & Goddesses page is almost complete.
  • 6/10/99 - I've being making some of my own artwork for some of the gods, so you will find pictures of them here at AEL that you will see no where else. Also most the AEL is undergoing major updates and changes. Also in the Events section I've added a new page called, "Dictionary of Ancient Egypt". Here is where I will post the meaning(s), to the different words you may come across in your study of Ancient Egypt.
  • 6/11/99 - I set this page the Group Information up to look better and more organized in the updates area. Also, dued to the large growing size of the Ancient Egyptian Media page, a *New* Ancient Egyptian Media page has been added.
  • 8/4/99 - Well the time has finally arrived that I must make the move from Japan to the United States. Once in the US I will be working on getting AEL its own server and many, many new changes will come online. Also membership will have many more advantages. I'm going to keep paying for the Japan site while I'm in the US till I can find another perminate site, or get AEL its own server up and running. So the pages and information and Email list will all work. But I will be unable to answer any emails, or process any membership addtions, book updates, or link updates or changes. Check back at this URL later to see the *NEW URL*. It will be posted instead of the normal entrance at:
    I plan and hope to have everything at a new URL within 3-6 months from now. Stay tuned...

  • 10/1/99 - The AEL website has offically moved to its US site. The new URLs to access Ancient Egyptian Lives is or I'm currently going through the website and updating all the Forms and emails, so if you find something that doesn't work give me a week to update all the pages, and they should all work find after that. Also something new for new members of AEL is the addition automatically to the (Members ONLY) AEL Email list. AEL has retired the old mostly inactive Newsletter method and will instead use the AEL List from as both a forum and newsletter.
  • 10/2/99 - Updated the entire site tonight. Added the AE Dictionary to the Menu Go! Bar. Also Netscape Users should be able to see the site again, had some embedding problems that now should be corrected. If you find a page with nothing on it let me know, also got the color fonts working again and added some new colors to some areas of the site for easier reading.
  • 10/3/99 - The Software section on the Ancient Egyptian Media page now has software available for download!!!. There are programs for both MAC and Windows users.

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