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Across the distant sands, high upon the highest plane, lies your inner soul.. It is time, oh lost souls of Egypt, to come home...
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I founded this group because of a calling I feel and have felt ever since I was a child. A strong pull towards Ancient Egypt. Its not just like a great interest, a mystery, or the unknown to me. It is a feeling of home for me, somewhere I'd rather be than anyplace or at anytime on this planet called Earth. Also in my search and journey, I have met others much like me, if not the same. And it is because of this that I have founded the Ancient Egyptian Lives Soceity. A society collected on the Internet to promote the study, research and spirituality of a former live(s) in Ancient Egypt. Not only to preserve the past, but to prepare for our future as well. It is with this calling that I also call you the Lost Souls of Ancient Egypt, to band togeather once again, and to help one other find out who they really are and once were. I can only hope that given enough time we will all reunite with one other and become strong enough to bring our world back. I currently try to live my mundane life just like everyone else, but I take a bit of ancient understanding with me where ever I go. This soceity is not only for the Spiritualist or the healers. But also for thoses of science, religion, historians, writers, quest seekers, musicians, artist, visionaries, futurists, teachers and archeology. I wish to form a great libarary for the sole purpose of giving insight to who you once were, is a time long ago, when the evening sun set, beaming golden rays of light off the sacred river of the Nile. The distant winds blowing sweet songs in the branches of the palm trees. And all the awe and splendor that was Ancient Egypt.

- Lord Jon Ray (Founder of the Ancient Egyptian Lives Soceity)

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  • 5/11/01 - Well its been well over a year since any kind of update here at AEL, even though here and there things have being going on. Everyone on the eList AEL already knows of the change over from to another merger). Also there works are in to turn a part of the AEL into a paysite, which means more activity and content for those who love AE. A modest fee of ($10 a year) will be the starting membership for that, but some parts of the website will remain open to the public and free.
    Also have a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to make about the Ancient Egyptian Lives Portal,
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    Its almost another stand alone website of its own. Added are many things this place has been lacking, and it will continue to grow as more and more people find out about it. Click the image bar above to go there now and see whats new. Also everyone will have to register for the first time, but will have an account to post in the forums there after. Much more to come in the following months, so check back ever now and then for updates. Also the direct URL for the portal is:

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