Ancient Egyptian Lives (AEL)


by Chrissy

Astara lived
Many eons ago -
A priestess of Egypt
On the shores of the Nile.

She carried the scrolls
From Atlantis afar
To the new land where dwelled
Now the Temple of Ra.

The scrolls held the secrets
For the people to share
To help them lead lives
Of love and of care.

To teach them and show them
The wonders of Light
That flames can do much
To bring everything right.

The Priestess Astara,
With others she came,
To seal in the Truths
For the future of Ram

The scrolls there she buried
Hidden deep 'neath the earth
Under the Great Pyramid
Awaiting a new birth.

Her task was to share
Of the knowledge she held
With the people of earth
With whom she was to dwell.

Her home was a star
Many light years away
And her dream was to reach it
In some mysterious way.

She here met a soul mate -
A twin flame who knew
That her task here on earth
Held a different view.

So she stayed on the earth plane
Knowing full well
That through many lifetimes
Her decision would tell.

Now her time on this planet
Is near ending soon
And her twin flame remembers
When they were in tune -

To the magnificent forces
That held them so tight
And promises made
When they'd go t'wards the light.

So as this century
Draws to a close
The promise of aeons
Once again we'll behold.

And we'll travel on homewards
Our task now complete
And with tears of joy cry
As we once more do meet.


When we join hands through intent,
We become beacons of Light Enlightening the Earth.
To thine own self be true.

From the Leyden Papyrus(Leyden Museum, Holland) 300 B.C.

Stanza 600

Sia (Knowledge) is his heart,
Hu (The Word) is his lips,
His ka is everything that exists by virtue of his tongue.
His ba (soul) is Shu, the air, his heart is Tefnut, the fire,
He is Heru (Horus) of the double horizon who is in the sky.

His right Eye is the day, his left is the night.
He is everybody's guide in all directions.
His body is Nun ...
He gives birth to everything that is and causes all that exists to live.

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