Ancient Egyptian Lives (AEL)

AEL's Animation Studio

This area is currently under construction.

Ancient Egyptian Lives is now in the progress of producing a mini-series of Ancient Egyptian Themed 3d computer animation movies. Through the use of 3d animated characters, sets and interactive background the stories will come alive, and once again Ancient Egypt will live again!!! To join the development team you must be a member of Ancient Egyptian Lives, as it will hopefully be a group contributed project. If your interested in joining email: Lord Jon Ray.


Senet Game


Ay Ankh

Sample Animations

Length: 5sec. (630k)
Format: AVI
This is a test animation of a simple Golden Oblisk in the Egyptian Desert somewhere.

We still need:

  • 3d Graphics Artist
  • People for character voices/vocals
  • Texture Mappers
  • Musicians

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